Prato may be the best way to experience the real Tuscan lifestyle: close to the biggest city Florence but far from the touristic hustle and bustle. You can still get lost while discovering history and traditions, but will get good contemporary vibes at the same time. 116 different ethnic groups live together here, and this "mixitè" is easy to taste through the food and many events in town. For example, don't miss our slice of China in the heart of MACROLOTTO 0, the first industrial area to develop quickly in the 1950's economic boom.

The most famous Pratese is probably the 14th-century fabric merchant Francesco Dantini, but Prato has actually regained a very creative and active textile and fashion industry. It's kind of a laboratory city for the rest of Europe. And don't worry, we're not all business! You will see that soon enough when you join us for fun in the downtown streets.

Published in 2017